Aerospace Component Solutions (ACS) focuses on being a leading provider of military support spare parts. Our firm specializes in supplying military aircraft parts, Ground Support (GSE) equipment, and Auxiliary Power Units (APU) in various conditions to meet customer requests. We have a large inventory of formerly owned U.S. Government surplus. We understand the demanding needs of the Aerospace field and of customers. Our 24/7 response, allows us to offer Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support for our customers with services consisting of dedicated responsiveness, expedited ordering processing and shipping. We pride ourselves on maintaining and delivering the highest standards of service and quality.  Aerospace Component Solutions is a (WOSB) Woman-Owned Small Business headquartered in Miramar, Florida. 

 Supported Airframes: C-130, P-3, P-8, KC-135, F-16, F-15, F-18, CH-53, UH-60, CH-47, CH-46, AH-64, S-70.

Supported Auxiliary Power Units: GTCP85, GTCP95, GTCP36, GTCP131, GTCP331, APS2000, APS3200, GTC85 and T-62T.  

We offer repair management services for our supported Auxiliary Power Units.


We are a buyer of excess inventory lots in any condition, with or without traceability. We are especially interested in APU and GPU parts. Please feel free to contact us!  

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Aerospace Component Solutions, LLC


P: (954) 589-2243

AOG: (954) 292-7988